Superposition & Indetermination: the List Monad

Last year, I introduced monads under a more “intuitive” light—focus was placed on the semantics of monads rather than formal definitions, turning to the Maybe monad as a first contact. The following assumes the reading of said article.

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Make the Web

I recently stumbled upon The Lost Art of the Makefile. It was a timely find, in that I too had been circling back to make and the article expresses some of my opinions. It’s a tool that is not only still relevant, but, I argue, more enjoyable and apt for many scenarios than the modern tools that get chosen by default or vice. Continue reading “Make the Web”

Premises of WordPress content handling

As we approach the release of WordPress 5.0, which will feature the introduction of the new Gutenberg editor, it is worth taking a look at WordPress’s current model in handling user content.

A page request

Consider the following simplification of the data pipeline for a front-end page request:

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Descartes’s methodic learning

In Rule VIII of Règles pour la Direction de l'Esprit, Descartes writes:
Si quelqu'un se propose comme problème d'examiner toutes les vérités pour la connaissance desquelles la raison humaine suffit (examen que doivent faire, ce me semble, au moins une fois dans la vie, tous ceux qui s'efforcent sérieusement de parvenir à la sagesse), il trouvera certainement, par les règles qui ont été données, que rien ne peut être connu avant l'entendement, Continue reading “Descartes’s methodic learning”