When you’re in University, your goal should be to get an education, not to get job training. You learn your job on the job. University is a time to educate yourself.

From A Conversation with Turing Award Winner Leslie Lamport. This sums up my reasoning quite nicely.

Author: Miguel Fonseca

Engineer at Automattic. Linguist, cyclist, Lindy Hopper, tree climber, and headbanger.

2 thoughts on “University”

  1. This. This and a thousand times this. I have had this conversation at least 10 times in the last few years. People complaining how University is useless because doesn’t train you in X language or gives you any formation related to the business world. I even heard some people defending that learning about algorithmics are not that important, that you better skip that and learn marketable stuff, like using that highly demanded framework.


  2. Absolutely. The kind of reasoning you’re given in proper Uni is just something that stays. It’s something that trains you to look at the better picture, or to recognize general patterns in how things work. It’s also more likely you get skills that transcend your subject: for me, a solid CS degree allows me to reason and draw parallels with aspects of Philosophy, Linguistics, just to name a few. It gave me good foundations in Mathematics and Physics that I take with me in my daily life. There’s just a ton of things that, while maybe not immediately tangible — and obviously compounded with first-hand experience — make up not just my skill set, but a substantial part of who I am. Uni, as long as you’re willing to take advantage of it, gives you a higher-order skillset.

    By the rationale of train-for-business school of thought, Philosophy curricula should be extinguished.


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