15.000 km

As it reached 15.000 km, my road Décathlon’s frame snapped out of the blue. I guess it’s time to steer away from aluminum. In its defense, it’s taken quite a beating, including a head-on collision with an oncoming car a few years ago. The staff at the store were astonished—indeed, the thing looks like it was sawn. Here’s to you, old treacherous friend. Meanwhile, the hunt for steel frames begins.

Author: Miguel Fonseca

Engineer at Automattic. Linguist, cyclist, Lindy Hopper, tree climber, and headbanger.

6 thoughts on “15.000 km”

  1. Wow! Ouch! Sorry to hear that news. Hopefully you weren’t riding at the time…

    I have two steel framed bikes: one commuter (Trek 311) and one road/race (Lemond Zurich). They are arguably just as light as aluminum and much, much more durable.


    1. Nice! My ’70s Peugeot has a lightweight steel frame, and I absolutely love it. Then there’s the frame on my 50-lb Dutch roadster, which feels noble and smooth as butter.

      I was, actually, riding at the time. Wasn’t doing anything special (just a moderate climb) when I heard a metallic snapping sound, but I didn’t even realize what had happened, as the bike kept going fine. Only a couple of miles later did I feel some lateral wobbling and stopped to properly inspect. I was pretty lucky in that regard.


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